Soundproof Curtains: Do they really work?

One of the simplest solutions for soundproofing a room is soundproof curtains.  They are inexpensive, easy to hang up, and the marketing for the curtains promises the moon.  Do they really work though?

In my experience, soundproof curtains are very effective for sound deadening applications, but are almost entirely useless as sound blockers.  In a practical sense, that means they are good for reducing echo in a room, but will not reduce the decibel level of sounds entering the room.

However, just because it doesn’t do much to reduce the decibel level doesn’t mean that soundproof curtains won’t help your room to feel more quiet.  How is that possible?  Let me explain what I mean.

Suppose you bring your iPhone into the bathroom and play a song on it.  Can you hear how annoying the sound is?  It reverberates off all the walls and echoes terribly.  Now take the phone into your master closet.  Although the iPhone is playing the song at the same level, it sounds significantly quieter and more pleasing when you’re in the closet.  Why?  Because the closet has clothes everywhere, which deaden the echo.

Soundproof curtains work just like the clothes in the closet in the example.  They don’t actually quiet the volume of the sound source, but they make the sound die out much more quickly within the room.  This makes the room more pleasing from a sound standpoint.

So Do Soundproof Curtains Work or Not?


If you hear a lot of exterior sound like road noise in your room, then soundproof curtains will not be as effective as a true soundproof window, but they are a simple and effective choice to at least make the problem less.  Curtains are a fantastic way to deaden sound in your room and keep it from echoing.  Curtains alone may not be enough, but it will certainly help.

It’s just like the clothes in a closet, but with the extra benefit of creating a barrier between the window and the room.

Choosing a High Quality Soundproof Curtain

Many curtains are marketed as being “soundproof” but are nothing of the sort.  It’s simply a marketing term that many companies use to describe any thick curtain.

A truly effective soundproof curtain will be heavy, tightly woven, and will go from ceiling to floor and several inches past each side of the window.  The key here is that it covers as much area around the window as possible so that the folds in the curtains can create as much of a seal around the sides as possible.

The two soundproof curtains I recommend are the Nicetown soundproof curtains which have over 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon, and also I like the Best Home Fashion soundproof curtains, which have over 4,000 positive reviews.

Using ceiling brackets to hang your curtain rod brings the curtain closer to the ceiling to block more sound.

Three tips for getting the best sound reduction from your curtains:

  • Buy FOUR panels for each window instead of just two!  To be effective, the more DENSITY you can put between the room and the window, the better.
  • Buy the 96″ curtains and NOT the 84″ long curtains!  This will mean that your curtain will go floor to ceiling if you have traditional 8′ ceilings (and will look nicer).
  • Buy ceiling mount curtain brackets instead of the regular wall brackets.  This takes the curtain closer to the ceiling and consequently blocks more sound.

Professional Solutions

If you have a higher budget or really need to fully stop the sound from coming through the window, then you should really take a look at Acousticurtains which are available on Amazon.

It’s not cheap, but if you put these over the window AND you get the sound deadening curtains, then you’re very likely to solve the problem without the need of paying for a $1,000 soundproof window and pay an extra $400 to get it installed.  In my opinion, the Acousticurtains are actually a pretty decent choice for the frugal consumer with a real sound problem.


Soundproof curtains may not give you as much soundproofing as a soundproof window or other professional methods, but they are an excellent way to make a nice improvement in your sound reduction for a low cost.

I’ve lived in several homes with sound issues and it’s definitely worth investing in ways to quiet the room in my opinion.  It makes the room more peaceful and quiet.  Good luck to you!



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