How To Soundproof a Bathroom: 8 Things You Can Do

Let’s face it- the bathroom can sometimes be a loud place. These aren’t noises that we necessarily want other people to hear. Make yourself and your guests as comfortable as possible by soundproofing your bathroom.

Here are some tips on things that actually keep the sound from getting out.

Noise Reduction in Your Bathroom

There are a lot of ways to help keep the noises that happen in your bathroom in your bathroom.

These options may even help keep outside noises out as well. Here are some effective tips that you can use in your bathroom!

Install A Sound Blocking Door Sweep

A door sweep is a mat made of sound absorbing materials that you put at the bottom of the door.

A sound absorbing door pad will absorb the sound, and it helps lose the gap on the bottom of the door to eliminate any noise that gets through the absorbing materials. This can work better than a regular bathroom mat.

Seal The Bathroom Door With Weather Stripping

Your doors can allow for a lot of noise to enter your home. The cheapest option is a weatherstripping kit.

Weather stripping allows you to fill the gaps around the door when it’s closed.

You can even use a soundproof blanket and attach it to the back of the door itself. Unfortunately, these don’t always look that great, though.

Finally, you have the option to get a new door that won’t allow as much sound through it. This may be expensive, but this can be very effective.

You can also get a door to change the look of your bathroom as well. Get two things done at once! Be sure to discuss noise-canceling properties of your new door and even try it to make sure that you’re getting what you want!

Consider The Walls & Insulation

Start at the very beginning with construction. Soft materials actually take in the most noise, so avoid hard materials like metal. Instead, try acoustic tiled walls.

They keep the noise inside and even help keep outside noise out. You can also use drywall. In fact, try installing double drywall.

Another effective option, while expensive, is called a resilient channel. The resilient channel is used in conjunction with drywall.

Insulate the walls properly during construction. Also remember that insulation only lasts for so long. How long has your insulation been in your walls?

It could be time to update the insulation. The best options for insulation are spray foam, fiberglass, and cellulose. It’s important to have a professional do the insulation unless you are properly trained.

In particular, fiberglass insulation can be dangerous if inhaled, so you want to be careful.

For a more in-depth look into soundproofing materials, checkout a quiet refuge’s expert roundup post.

Easy Fix For Sound Reverberation: Bathroom Floor

The floors aren’t the biggest culprit when it comes to creating noise, but it can definitely contribute. While unconventional for a bathroom, you may consider plush carpeting instead of hardwood or tiles for the flooring.

If you don’t want to install carpeting, consider a big, plush rug. Even a big rug can help keep noise from getting out from the bottom of the bathroom door.

Reduce The Sound Of Your Toilet Flush

Many toilets have a loud flush that announces to everybody in the house that you were using the toilet. There are options that make less noise.

Low-flow toilets generally have a lower flushing noise. If you don’t want to get a brand new toilet, you can always use adhesive around the toilet tank.

All you have to do is use the adhesive to cover the open gaps between the tank and the top of the toilet.

Another thing to consider is toilet placement.

You should keep the toilet away from the door if possible. The further away the toilet, the more space you have between the noise from the toilet and the door.


Most bathrooms have a fan to help alleviate any lingering odors and keep the air fresh, but it can also help reduce the noise that people hear.

A very loud fan can be louder than the noise that someone might make while on the toilet. It’s a good idea to keep the fan on a different light switch than the standard light so that people don’t have to use it if they don’t want to use it.

Place items in strategic places

You can always use the things that you will store in your bathroom anyway to help reduce the noise. Put a shelving unit on the back of the bathroom door and fill it with thick towels to create a barrier in front of the door.

You need to put your towels somewhere. You may as well use them to help keep your bathroom quiet.

Bathroom Noises

There are a variety of things that can make a lot of noise in the bathroom. Here are some of the biggest culprits:

Toilet Flush

The toilet’s flush and refilling of the tank can be quite distracting and loud. It is especially loud late at night or when people are right outside of the door.


Pipes can make noise as well. This can happen after you flush the toilet or wash your hands, but it can also happen even when no one is using the bathroom. Remember that when pipes are making noise, it’s usually indicative of a problem so look into what the problem could be.


People are loud sometimes. People can be loud while singing in the shower or listening to music during a bath. We can also be loud when doing our business as well.
Whatever is causing the noise, if you want to reduce the noise, there options!


A soundproof bathroom is necessary to keep you and your family comfortable. Nobody needs to know about what goes on in the bathroom except for the person who is in there.

Help make this a reality by using these soundproofing tips and tools. Now, just don’t forget the air freshener!

If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave a reply below!

3 thoughts on “How To Soundproof a Bathroom: 8 Things You Can Do

  1. I just can’t understand why a bathroom is not constructed sound proof from the initial construction.Whenever someone is using the bathroom answering nature’s call you can hear that person taking care of business from just about anywhere in the apartment.You get a false sense of security when you go in the bathroom,close the door,and shut out the outside world,but in reality as far as the sound is concerned,the door might as well be wide open

  2. It’s quite relatable when you said that the bathroom can be a loud place especially for people who love music. I often sing and play music while in the bathroom. The idea of having it soundproofed is amazing. My mother on the other room will no longer complain about my loud rock music the next time that I bathe myself. I will have this suggested to my mother if we have the budget to soundproof our bathroom.

  3. My house was built in 1962…1940 sq ft…you can hear someone talking from the other side of the house with the doors shut…you can hear whispering in the next room…the bathroom, the bathroom is the worst!!…we have 2 and you can hear everything!…its awful…I need that taken care if asap…

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