How to Soundproof a Sunroom (5 Easy Ways)

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If you live in one of those states that get beautiful sunny weather, then there is a good chance that you already have a sunroom. Sunrooms are so popular in one particular state that they are called “Florida Rooms” down there.

A sunroom or a solarium is a wonderful addition to any home. It allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and excellent weather without the often accompanying insects. Therefore, learning how to soundproof a sunroom is only natural for most homeowners.

Tips on How to Soundproof a Sunroom

For the most part, sunrooms are custom designed based on the homeowners’ wishes.

However, one of the most common sunroom designs has to do with a hardwood base that supports huge plastic or glass panels that allow all that sunlight into the room.

The kind of soundproofing you can do to this room will depend on the kind of design you went for in the first place.

There are several tips and tricks you can use to soundproof your sunroom regardless of the design. Here are some excellent and practical options:

Lay Down Some Rugs and Heavy Carpets

The thing about your sunroom is that it can be as eclectically decorated as you want it to be. One of the best ways to use this avenue to also soundproof your sunroom is to lay down some heavy rugs and thick carpets.

Rugs and carpets have always been excellent soundproofing agents. Not only do they absorb impact noises that emanate from people walking around, dropping objects, and dragging furniture about, but they also eliminate quite a bit of the noise that comes from reverberations around the room.

If you are going to go for this option, you can decide to attack it on three fronts:

  • Lay down a thick underlay in the form of wall to wall carpeting such as a carpet pad. This will act as your first line of defense and soak up the noises that might slip through the cracks on the wooden floor if that is what you had installed
  • Follow that up with a thick comfy carpet for the entire room or most of the room
  • Use a rug for high traffic areas or under tables and chairs to soak up that impact noise when you sit down or get up too suddenly

Not only will carpets make the sunroom look cozy and stylish, but they are also good insulators, which will always ensure that the floor is warm and inviting every time you walk into the room.

Get More Furniture

While there is a good chance that this might go against your “sunroom ideals,” getting more furniture into the room is a good way to absorb airborne noises.

Depending on the kind of ideas you had for your sunroom, you can include more:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • A bookcase or two
  • Maybe even a bar

The idea here is to have enough heavy pieces of furniture that the airborne noises and reverberations are absorbed within the room. The more furniture the room has, the quieter it tends to be.

Install Soundproofing Window Treatments

The simplest option to go for here has to be soundproofing curtains. Yes, most sunroom owners don’t want any window treatments hindering the amount of sun and natural light that gets into the room.

While that is perfectly fine, installing soundproofing curtains in your sunroom doesn’t necessarily mean that you will no longer have that much natural light coming into the room. Curtains, after all, can be drawn back whenever necessary.

One of the main reasons why soundproofing curtains are a good idea is because you get to determine just how much noise comes into the room at any given time.

If you have neighbors, you probably know just how important this is, especially when the Jeffersons from next door decide to have a backyard barbecue just next to your sunroom.

In such cases, you can draw back the drapes on their side of the fence and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Use Acoustic Sealant on Your Windows

If you built a sunroom that is mostly made up of windows, there is a good chance that most of the noise getting into the room is coming in through tiny cracks and spaces within the seals around those windows.

While you could have double-glazed windows installed (these are quite effective at keeping out the noise), they still need to be treated with an acoustic sealant to ensure efficient soundproofing.

There are some excellent options you can consider, such as this Green Glue Noiseproof Compound on Amazon.

Unlike ordinary caulk, this acoustic sealant remains flexible over time and therefore won’t shrink or crack, creating more spaces for noise to travel through into your sunroom.

Install Door Seals

You will be amazed at how many doors don’t fit perfectly into their frames. This disparity often occurs during installation and can leave tiny spaces under the door or where the door meets the jambs, and those are excellent avenues through which noise can enter or escape your sunroom.

One way to deal with these cracks is to have door seals installed. You can use simple weatherstrip door seals, which are quite inexpensive and very easy to install.

This kind of tape is perfect for sealing off tiny spaces. The best part is that it’s flexible enough and can mold itself to the shape of the sealed space, properly wedging itself in there and leaving no more room for noise to pass through.


The best part is that all these methods won’t necessarily interfere with the decor of your sunroom. Because you were going to get some furniture into that room anyway, why not get a few tastefully designed heavy pieces in there?

As for the rugs, carpets, and drapes, these can be found in a plethora of designs, some of which will match your taste. It’s perfectly easy to remain stylish even as you learn how to soundproof a sunroom.

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