Top 5 Best Soundproofing Panels for Walls

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Whether you want to have a late-night jam session or don’t want to disturb your neighbors, soundproofing panels can be useful. You don’t need to worry about permanently altering your walls, but you can still enjoy soundproofing.

Here’s a list of the best soundproofing panels for walls:


If you’re a musician and want to jam or record at home, you should consider soundproofing your walls. Then, you can make music as you please without having to worry about the volume. But you should choose the best soundproofing panels for the job; this article will guide you through that. 

How to Choose Soundproofing Panels for Walls

Soundproofing walls can be difficult, especially if you don’t own your home and can’t make permanent changes. Fortunately, you can still use panels to soundproof the walls of a particular room. Even though the change is temporary, you can still get a good effect from the best soundproofing panels for walls.

Whether you need to soundproof a single wall or an entire room, you should know how to choose the right panels. The best soundproofing panels should be soft so that they can absorb the sound and keep it from spreading. Y

ou can install them in a way that works for your room to get the best soundproofing results.

When looking at different soundproofing panels, consider their design. Some use ridges, while others have an egg-crate design to help absorb the sound. You can find panels with thicknesses between one and four inches as well. 

Now that we’ve discussed some of the factors that go into choosing soundproofing panels, let’s discuss the best options on the market today. 

1. Auralex Studiofoam Wedgies

Wall soundproofing panels by auralex

The Auralex Studiofoam Wedgies are 12 inches wide by 12 inches high, and they’re 2 inches deep. They come in a set of 24, so you can arrange them how you choose. Each panel features ridges to help absorb sound from the room you put them in.

These panels perform well when it comes to soundproofing a room, and they have a Class B fire rating. The rating means that they have a moderate level of protection from the spread of flames.

They also have an NRC rating of .80, which means they can absorb up to 80 percent of the sounds and keep them from reflecting back into the room.

The panels don’t have any weird smells, so you can enjoy the soundproof room in comfort. Also, their small size means that you can configure each individual panel for the best soundproofing.

You can choose between a pack of 18 or 24 of the panels, and all of them are black. The panels are easy to install in a studio or room in your home, and they’re a great alternative to using DIY methods.

You can use mounting tape to attach the panels to your walls, and you can move them if you ever need to.

2. Foamily Acoustic Panels

foamily accoustic panels

Another set of panels to consider is the Foamily Acoustic Panels. The set comes with 12 panels that measure 12 inches wide by 12 inches high. They’re all one inch thick, so they won’t take up much space from the wall into your room.

The panels are perfect for soundproofing small or medium-sized rooms, and you can arrange the panels to fit your needs. You can use multiple sets of the panels to fill a room, and you can choose from different colors to match the design of your room.

The wedges don’t have to expand when they get to you, so you can set them up immediately.

Whether you need panels for bass traps or you need to soundproof a general recording room, you can use these panels. The panels can keep sound from leaving the room, and it can also reduce echoing within the room.

3. Siless Acoustic Panels


siless wall panels for sound deadening

The Siless Acoustic Panels include 12 panels with a depth of 1 inch, and each panel is 12 inches wide by 12 inches tall. They can trap ambient noise in the room, and they can isolate the room from other sounds. These panels have a special design that uses less material but still provides good results.

Like the other panels, they use ridges of foam, and you can adjust the angle of each panel. They’re also lightweight, so you can easily move them to change the design.

The panels don’t use high-density foam, but their polyurethane foam makes them easy to install. You don’t need any special tools to put the panels on your wall.

Once you install them, the panels will absorb and reduce sound from low through high frequencies.

The black panels blend in with your recording studio, home, or other space, so you can soundproof just about any room that you need to.

They offer protection from a full 360° around the panel. These panels are much more affordable than other options, so they’re a great choice if you need to soundproof a room on a budget.

4. IZO Acoustic Foam Tiles


izo accoustic foam tiles

The Acoustic Foam Tiles from IZO All Supply feature an egg crate design to help trap sounds and soundproof a room. They work best on parts of a wall where you get a lot of echoes so that you can take advantage of the absorbing properties.

But you can use them on an entire wall if you need to.

These panels can help keep sound from getting into other rooms, but they can also keep sound from other rooms out. It’s the most suitable for soundproofing higher frequencies, but you can use it for other frequencies.

And for the ultimate flexibility, the panels come in different thicknesses and dimensions so that you can choose the measurements that work the best for you.

Depending on the size of the panels, they come in a pack of either 6 or 12 panels. When you get them, you can use self-adhesive spray or mounting tape to put them on your walls.

However, you should keep the panels away from candles or open flames since they’re flammable. They also aren’t always the same perfect size within a set.

5. ATS Acoustic Panel

ats design accoustic foam panel in white beige color

If you don’t like the design or look of other acoustic panels, consider the ATS Acoustic Panel. It is a soft panel with a beveled edge and a flat surface.

The panel measures 24 inches by 48 inches and is 2 inches thick.

These panels have an NRC rating of 1.0 out of 1, so they can absorb 100 percent of the sounds in the room. They have a furniture-quality design, and they can fit in with the design of your studio or living space.

You can choose from different colors, including ivory and black, so you can select a color that looks good in your room.

The panel comes with the tools and instructions you need to mount the panel on the wall.

They’re especially effective in smaller rooms, and you can get multiple panels if you need to cover a larger area.

Unfortunately, the design of the panel means that you don’t have as much flexibility as you do with the other types of acoustic panels.


If you need to soundproof a home studio or a small room, you need the best soundproofing for walls.

They’re easy to install and adjust, so you don’t have to worry about making permanent changes to a room.

Still, they provide excellent results when it comes to reducing noise production. Choose any of the panels on this list for your soundproofing needs.


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    I was delighted to find your website which I think is excellent!

    I am suffering from ground noise disturbance from a train which is a good 400m from my duplex apartment (ground floor and first floor). It starts very early in the morning and runs until late at night.

    Below my apartment is an underground car park and I can also hear the ground noise there so I think that the sound waves are travelling up through the ceiling of the car park i.e, my kitchen and living room floor. When I put my ear to the walls in my apartment, I can hear the noise reverberating.

    Could I please ask you for your advice? I haven’t tried anything yet because I don’t know where to start. It would be wonderful if soundproof curtains were the answer to dampening the noise in the bedrooms but maybe I need acoustic panels. I’m lost…

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