5 Best Soundproof Wallpaper Brands in 2019

5 Best Soundproof Wallpaper Brands in 2019

In a time when wallpaper doesn’t seem to be all that popular, many people are finding that soundproof wallpaper is actually a thing. Soundproof wallpaper helps outside noise from entering your home or office.

It may seem like it’s a gimmick; but believe it or not, soundproof wallpaper is real, and not all wallpaper is created equally.

The two keys to soundproof wallpaper are their materials and sometimes even their exterior shapes. It may or may not look like the simple floral paper we remember from our great grandmother’s home, but this paper can aid in cutting down on the noise.

Below are the 5 most popular brands that I have found.

1. YTATT 3D Brick Wall Stickers

The Ytatt brick wall stickers are similar to wallpaper, but rather than coming in a long roll. They come in tiles or stickers. These stickers come in packs of 1, 5, 10, or 20.

The “stickers,” so-called for their peel and stick installation, are available in white and achieve soundproofing through their 9 layers of material, which feel like foam. As you know, foam is a highly functioning soundproof material, which may be what makes this soundproof wallpaper so effective.

This material actually feels like a safety device for children, yet still provides a very nice look for any room. These stickers can be used as a single accent wall or for an entire room, and installation is simple. The only tool required to cut the foam is scissors or a blade. These soundproof wallpaper stickers are perfect for DIY installation.

Editor’s rating for these 3D brick wallpaper stickers is 3.8 out of 5 stars.

2. TAISHEN 3D Wall Panel Crocodile Print

Taishen’s 3D wall panel in crocodile print is another soundproofing wallpaper/sticker option that achieves sound deadening through multiple layers and a foam feel.

The material comes in various colors and works in a plethora of applications around a house, such as a backsplash in the kitchen or even bathrooms. The sound attenuation is greater than that of a paper-style wallpaper.

Editor’s rating for these foam wall panels is 2.6 out of 5 stars.

3. GBY Decorative 3D Brick Wallpaper

The GBY Decorative 3D Brick wallpaper features a brick style pattern, which yields a great look in any room. The wallpaper is sold in pieces and can be purchased in packs of 10, 15, or 20. This brick wallpaper, similar to those above, are made of PE foam material and are textured.

The simple design includes peel and stick application and cutting with scissors. Simply clean the wall where these will be installed and peel away the backing and press to the wall following the brick pattern.

Editor’s rating is unavailable for this product.

4. Masione 3D Self Adhesive Foam Bricks

This wallpaper is 1/3-inch foam thickness to help in soundproofing a room when applied. There are 10 total pieces at 5.813 square feet per sheet, allowing you to cover a total area of 58.13 square feet.

These wallpaper stickers are self-adhesive and super easy to install. Simply cut them where you need them cut, if they need to be cut at all, peel back the adhesive backing and apply to the wall you desire.

Masione makes a variety of quality products. This makes Masione one of the 5 best soundproof wallpaper brands in 2019.

Editor’s rating for this product is 4.2 out of 5 stars.

5. Stone Ten Foam Faux Wood Wallpaper

Faux Wood Wall Panels

These foam wallpaper panels are 8mm thick and are self-adhesive for easy DIY soundproofing for any room in your house. These foam wallpaper panels come in a variety of designs, such as faux wood, barn wood, or seafoam shiplap. They can be easily cut to any size application you need.

Stone Ten is a leading home décor brand, specifically specializing in foam wallpaper panels.

Editor’s rating for this product is 4.2 out of 5 stars.

What to Look for in Soundproof Wallpaper Brands

If there is an editor’s rating available, you should check the rating of the brand you find to determine if the rating is reflective of the product itself or another issue (shipping, delivery, etc.)

You should also look to see what the wallpaper is made out of. If the wallpaper is made out of foam, the soundproofing element will be greater than a paper-style wallpaper. The thicker the foam, the more soundproofing the wallpaper will provide.

Another feature to look for in soundproof wallpaper brands is the application in which they will be applied.

Self-adhesive soundproof wallpaper panels will be drastically easier to apply than wallpaper that requires glue or adhesive for applying. Pulling off an adhesive backing on a sticker makes installing soundproof wallpaper an easy do-it-yourself application.

Additionally, you will want to check the thickness of the soundproof wallpaper to determine if you need a specific knife or blade to cut the wallpaper panels to your desired dimension.

Final Thoughts

Soundproof wallpaper is a useful soundproofing do-it-yourself application for you to use in any room within your house. Soundproofing panels come in a variety of designs. This makes it easy for you to find the perfect match for the room you need.

The thicker the foam of the soundproof wallpaper, the more effective the soundproof wallpaper will be. The thickness of the foam will absorb sounds and noises that come in contact with the foam wallpaper. If you are considering adding soundproof wallpaper to your home, apartment, or office, these are the 5 best soundproof wallpaper brands in 2019. It is an easy do it yourself process that will leave your room quiet and beautiful.

5 thoughts on “5 Best Soundproof Wallpaper Brands in 2019

  1. I have a condo with two bedrooms that share a wall. I would like that common wall to have sound proofing somehow.

  2. Hi Jim, am I looking where the actual list/ brand of the most effective sound proof wallpaper is in this blog? It could be that I overlooked it due to living in a noisy house and not being able to hear myself think 🙁

  3. This article is very well done, thank you. I was researching soundproof wallpapers a bit and this is among the best information located so far.

  4. My autistic son hears noise from the adjacent living room. Should I put the soundproof wallpaper in his room to block off outside noise or should it be in the living room? Thank you. mom

  5. My kitchen shares a (very thin drywall board) wall with the kitchen of the apartment next door. Her cupboards were installed at the back wall of her kitchen, which is right at ear level of my sink where I stand to do dishes. I asked her to kindly please not slam her kitchen cupboards closed, but this seems to have angered her and she waits until I’m doing dishes and slams those particular cupboards repeatedly and loudly every time I’m doing dishes when she’s home. So onto the next solution – trying to soundproof or sound dampen that cheap drywall wall between our kitchens. I wish they had put cupboards against that wall in my kitchen too as it would dampen the sound of her slamming her cupboards open and closed 300 times every time she’s in her kitchen. But I did try to install a shelf on that wall and the screw hole went all the way through the cheap drywall. Anyway, I’m hoping maybe some peel and stick wallpaper like this might help. I’m tired of having a migraine after doing dishes every evening.

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