How to Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls – The Complete Guide

How to Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls

It may be a squealing garbage truck, the overall buzz of foot traffic right outside our windows, noisy neighbors, or a blaring car stereo. Nonetheless, it’s no secret that the hustle and bustle of the city can be draining. This hubbub makes life in the sanctuary we call home, uncomfortable. For a multitude of apartment residents, constantly being bombarded with noise has become part of their day-to-day.

Luckily, regardless of the size of your apartment and where it’s located, soundproofing the walls is a viable solution to this never-ending problem. This may conjure images of depleted bank accounts and rigorous renovations that make your heart sink. But, soundproofing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and will make all the difference.

So, in this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of how to soundproof thin apartment wallsthat’ll leave you with the much-needed peace in your home. Read on!

The Bag of Tricks

To set things in motion, you’ll require the following items. Having them beforehand makes the process run smoothly without a hitch.

The Plan of Action
Once you’rearmed with the essentials, it’s time to do the heavy lifting. Let’s begin!

1. Target the Weak Points of the Walls

We all know how thin apartment walls can be. So, scout for the weakest parts of your walls when it comes to noise. Keep in mind that some parts of the walls may be thinner than others. And, other parts have a lot of piping. These bring in the most noise and are thereby in dire need of soundproofing.

Soundproof blankets that you’ll typically find in recording studios and music rooms will do the trick. They cut out noise from your apartment by up to 50% and mesh well with a soundproofing wall kit to eradicate even the loudest and most annoying noises. As a tip when purchasing these blankets, keep an eye out for those with eyelets or grommets because they make the installation process a walk in the park. Also, those residing on the floors above the first floor of an apartment can consider installing these blankets on their floors as well.

2. Look for Possible Holes and Seal Them

As bizarre as it sounds, there may be holes in our apartments. These serve as gateways for external noise sources to stream in, more so, if your apartment has thin walls.

Even the tiniest holes that easily go unnoticed emit jaw-dropping amounts of noise. So, you’ll need to seal them. There’s a wealth of sealing substances in the market, but green glue does the job perfectly. The best thing about this glue is that it not only seals the holes but is also a beast in soundproofing them.

3. Mass-Loaded Vinyl Is Your Friend

It’s one of the best insulating materials that’ll keep external noise out of your apartment. Moreover, vinyl mats are a beast in reducing airborne noise in your home, which makes your home quieter. And did you know that they also make your house warmer? This makes them ideal for winter because they’re thick and blanket your walls. So, they double as a thermal and soundproof solution. Amazing, right?

4. Fill Out Your Apartment with Some Furniture

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

This is probably a no-brainer because we’re all familiar with the echoes of empty rooms. So, the solution is to fill up your room with furniture to eradicate the bouncing off of sound across the walls and floor. But what type of furniture should you use?

You’re probably not aware, but bookshelves filled with books are one of the best ways of soundproofing thin apartment walls. So, the more walls they fill up, the better. Alternatively, beautiful wall arts will do the trick.

5. Install Foam Mats

These will certainly get the job done. And, they’re affordable. Sounds like a win-win, right? The best thing about foam mats is their top-notch insulating power. So, they prevent thermal loss and soundproof your apartment. Furthermore, given that they’re mostly made of rubber foam, they’re resistant to petrol and oil.

So, stubborn oil stains will become the least of our worries. Foam mats are also lightweight and have an adhesive on their backside which makes the installation process a breeze.

6. Acoustic Foams

These are some of the most popular solutions to noise problems. Therefore, you’ll typically stumble upon them in music studios and theatres. However, they’re also just as efficient in soundproofing thin apartment walls as they diminish noise by up to 70%. This makes them ideal for combating loud noises.

So, for optimal results, combine them with the previous methods, more so, because they’re excellent airborne noise insulators. While these may slightly dent your pocket, you’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear once you realize just how effective they are.

7. Use Soundproof Wall Paint

Given its thick nature, layering thin apartment walls with soundproof paint will leave you in awe at just how foolproof it is. So, if you’ve begun hearing small noises seeping into your home through the walls, then perhaps it’s time for some painting. It’ll also give your apartment a new look since it’s just like generic paint, but with an added advantage. This makes it a simple and cost-effective solution to our noise problems.

8. Use Acoustic Panels


Just like decorative wall art, acoustic panels spruce up your apartment when installed on the walls and ceiling while drastically cutting down internal and external noise. So, this is a route you want to take.

9. White Noise Machines


They block out internal and external noises in your apartment. They accomplish this by counteracting the noises produced, with their noises. In a nutshell, they cancel out noise. This makes them great for soundproofing thin apartment walls. And, they’re usually used as sleeping aids.

The Bottom Line

Implementing the above tips on how to soundproof thin apartment walls will have you feeling calmer as they’ll alleviate the stress associated with excessive noise. Moreover, it won’t cost you a pretty penny to switch things up. And, these methods don’t require a great deal of effort. So, take action today, and live a happier life!

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