10 Best Soundproof Room Dividers (What Really Works)

10 Best Soundproof Room Dividers

In today’s fast-paced and busy life, commotion and pandemonium are a recurrent part of our daily routine and are usually complemented with excess racket. It becomes challenging to focus on assignments with all the mayhem that surrounds us.

This has prompted us to begin looking for options to mute all the chaos and purchase soundproof room dividers for the home. We have found that divider curtains are super effective for reducing noise.

These dividers will not only effectively reduce the noise in the home, but they can reduce the noise in your head and give you peace of mind while completing your tasks.

In this review,we will list for you 10 of the best dividers and curtains in which we think you should invest. Additionally, we will tell you what to consider before making a purchase. But first, let’s highlight for you the crucial details to consider before making a purchase.

Weight: While shopping for a soundproof room divider, you should take weight into consideration. The heavier ones truly curb noise. They absorb sound and prevent the reflection of sound.

Material: When it comes to the material, choose dividers that have the most fibers in it. Curtains made with suede or velvet are solid noise absorbers. Most importantly, extra liners in the divider add an extra layer that the sound has to go through.

Typically, room dividers that are darker, heavier, and are more heavily insulated will be outstanding for soundproofing and keep noise levels under control.

Curtain Rods: The rods you purchase should be able to bear the weight of the divider or curtain. They need to be sturdy. Wrap-around rods will give you a leg up in canceling noise.

Now that you are equipped with the proper factors for consideration, let’s dive into the top 10 soundproofing dividers you could buy.

10. NICETOWN Total Shade Patio Door

NICETOWN Total Shade Patio Door

Polyester, Imported, and Readymade. Each door divider curtain is 100” wide and 95” long. The glossy silver fasteners create a casual elegance for your home. They are easy to install and slidable.

These are the best blackout curtains on the market currently that keep out UV rays and sunlight. One of the greatest benefits to this is giving you a perfect night’s sleep as it creates the physically darkest environment possible.

The Total Shade Patio Door is noise reducing and is twice as high as regular curtains.

These are good to put over windows because they are wide and protect privacy over any large window. They are also easy on the budget and easy to maintain.

9. bluCOASTLINE Room Divider Curtain Extra Wide Blackout Curtain Panel

There once was a roommate that was a night owl. I would spend long nights studying, working or reading. The lights really bothered the other roommate and lowered his quality of sleep. That roommate was me.

These curtains are going really fast and for obvious reasons. We love the imported 100% polyester material. They can create a private space anywhere.

After reading the reviews, people who share space with others can honestly say that their quality of life has significantly improved. It can make a shared room completely dark on one side but lit on the other.

It muffles the sound so you can still get that quality sleep that you desire. Super cost-effective, but not the best with soundproofing yet it still makes the list and improves life nonetheless.

8. Moondream Sound Insulation Curtain

We love the brand name complemented by the patented thermal insulation technology. When making the decision to purchase this divider, you can expect sound energy reduced to a quarter, and noise levels reduced up to seven decibels.

We truly admire the simplicity of the look; it is so simple yet so classy. The aforementioned claims on noise level reduction have been tested in laboratories and are sure to work in the house.

Claims that are backed by empirical evidence are also always a plus, so that will increase the likelihood of purchasing it. The only downside would be the cost. It goes for $129, but due to the amount of testing and positive reviews, it seems like a sure buy.

7. NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain Screen Partitions

If you are looking for a well-founded and well-grounded room divider that will aid in eliminating unnecessary background noise while removing the possibility of burning a hole in your wallet, you should go with this room divider by NICETOWN.

It is a thick, heavy, and smart solution that saves me from building another wall in the home. It is recommended for anyone who is looking for a quick and low-cost soundproofing solution.

6.  RHF 10’ x 8’ Room Divider Curtain

This divider makes the list due to its quality and excellent features. It is easy on the budget, too, starting around $30. It is high-quality, yet low maintenance as it can be machine washed and dried. Who doesn’t love saving money while purchasing quality?

You can re-invent your living space in a cost-effective way when you go with RHF. It is reliable, durable, and crafted for luxury.

5. Sorbus Room Divider Privacy Screen Foldable Panel Partition Wall divider

There has been a lot of talk about dividers that work indoors, but this one works well outdoors too. You may like your neighbors, but you also might not be all that close. This beautifully woven eight-panel divider is perfect for porch and patio privacy outdoors. It provides you with a great sunscreen without building an awning.

It blends well with most décor, and there is no setup required. Just prop it up anywhere and voila, you have a divider. It is reducing the sound while being outside, which ultimately creates a more serene and peaceful environment while you enjoy the fresh air.

4. Deconovo Privacy Room Divider Curtain

This definitely gets an A+ for style points. The luscious 100% polyester gives it an elegant finish. This will stylishly partition your living space while keeping noise to a minimum.

You will enjoy light reduction as well as the air thermal insulation, which would make it a solid choice for cafes, hotels, dorms, office spaces, and a kid’s bedroom.

You will especially like that this room divider is well-built, yet soft. There are plenty of color choices like navy blue, khaki, grey, and many more. The ample height, as well as the simple yet glossy style, adds a nice touch to any living arrangement.

This divider is constructed using a triple-weave process that gives it thermal insulation. It provides excellent privacy capable of providing a private space in your home. They are easy to install and can be used on bendable rods and S hooks.

3. H.VERSAILTEX 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels Full Light Blocking Drapes with Black Liner

These are thick 84-inch drop thermally insulated microfiber curtains sold in pairs. Absolutely amazing for keeping out sunlight, stopping heat or chill from coming through the windows and awesome for keeping a comforting sleeping environment as its thick frame dampens sound and completely darkens the room.

These curtains are a result of sophisticated craftsmanship with the interwoven faux silk satin that faces you on the inside and eco-friendliness as it offers increased insulation, which will ultimately save me a lot on your electric bill.

These are stylish curtains lined with thermal fabric on the backside that gives your space a crisp look. Easy to maintain, too, as it is machine washable.

2. RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Ceiling Track Room Divider Kit

We like attractive. We like heavyweight. We like privacy. Luckily, this product has all three of those characteristics.

If you like to experiment and make beats with a synth pad, play the violin, or record a podcast, but your roommates do not always like to be bothered by these sounds, then these may be for you.  Basically, you can turn any room in the house into your own personal studio.

It can also be done in just minutes. The Ceiling Track Room Divider Kit is equipped with everything you need to partition space. There are rollers and a ceiling track that makes it easier to open and close the kit.

These dividers are elegant and add a fancy touch to any room. There is a nice finish on all sides, and they are nicely hemmed to give a classy appearance.

It comes with an installation guide for a smooth and easy setup. Numerous positive reviews say that this is a good option for those who value their personal space.

1. RYB HOME Gray Room Divider Screen

This is a soundproof room divider that is made of polyester and imported. It has a triple woven fabric softer than a baby’s bottom that provides noise-free privacy. This a practical way to mute excess noise and give my room a new look.

It blocks light, hides clutter, and is great for nap time. Adults need their sleep, too, so this is a great one if you value sleep and need to squeeze some sleep into your schedule regardless of what is going on in the space around you.

This divider has the same material on both sides of the curtain that gives it a complete look. It is simple to maintain and install. Great for a sliding door that leads outside as it reflects heat and cold in corresponding seasons.

Final thoughts

Room dividers are the smartest space solutions around. You can re-design your space without breaking the bank by building other walls and barriers in the home. Life is hectic. You can make it less hectic and significantly more comfortable by investing in a soundproof divider. We highly recommend purchasing the  RYB HOME Gray Room Divider Screen as it solves a multitude of personal needs, easy to install, and worth the money you invested.

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  1. Interesting read! Question: I am a 49 year old aspiring voice over artist. I really want to build a small small studio in a corner in my dining room. I live in a small one bedroom apartment and really don’t like the idea of a closet studio. What is needed to build a low cost 2 wall studio and how would you soundproof the open sides(W/O walls) of the studio? Email reply would be very appreciated!

    Thank you so much!

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