Best Soundproof Floor Mats (Efficient to Reduce Noise)

Best Soundproof Floor Mats

We’ve all heard it. That one area of the home where, as soon as you step on it, it creaks like the floor is about to cave in.

I will say that when I was a teenager in my parent’s basement, it always helped me know when my parents were about to come downstairs. But now that I’m a parent myself, I don’t want to give either of my kids an ounce of warning to let them know I am coming!

So whether you want to soundproof your floor because the creaking is embarrassing or because you always want to be one step ahead of your kids, you will need to know the best soundproof floor mats to efficiently reduce noise in your home.

What is a Soundproof Floor Mat?

In short, a soundproof floor mat is a sound-absorbing mat that you will place on your floor and cover with a rug or other covering. The mat will absorb the sounds that are produced from the movement of the floor. The mat is typically made of rubber and can range anywhere from 1/8-inch thick to ½-inch thick.

Additionally, the soundproof floor mat will be a specific dimension, such as 8 x 10. This means you will need, at minimum, an 8 x 10 rug to cover the floor mat. The bigger the rug or covering, the better to cover the floor mat.

The Best Soundproof Floor Mats

1. Mohawk Home Dual Surface Rug Pad

Mohawk is one of the leading carpet and rug manufacturers in the United States, which is what makes this soundproof floor mat so effective.

This floor mat is 8 x 10 and ¼-inch thick. You will need at least an 8 x 10 rug to cover the mat. The rubber backing keeps the mat in place and allows the mat to fully absorb sounds. The fiber side is rough and will grip the rug or covering that is placed on top of the mat.

2. Gorilla Grip Felt and Rubber Rug Pad

Next on the list is the Gorilla Grip Felt and Rubber Rug Pad. You can choose which size rug pad you need:

  • 2’ x 3’
  • 2’ x 4’
  • 2’ x 8’
  • 2’ x 10’
  • 4’ x 6’
  • 5’ x 7’
  • 5’ x 8’
  • 6’ x 9’
  • 7’ x 10’
  • 8’ x 10’
  • 8’ x 11’
  • 9’ x 12’

This floor mat is thick and durable, which is why it is on the list of best soundproof floor mats. The pad is ¼-inch thick, which makes it perfect for sound absorption. The mat is rubber on one side, and there is thick felt on the other. This means your floor mat grips the floor while also gripping the rug covering it.

3. Rug Pad USA Non-Slip Rug Pad

This floor mat rug pad by Rug Pad USA comes in a variety of thickness for you to choose from, as well as your choice of rubber and felt, or felt-only.

For thicker floor mats, the material will be felt-only, while the thinner floor mats are both rubber and felt. There are benefits to both, so it depends on your preference to determine the floor mat you choose.

The felt-only floor mat will be slightly more cushioned. Additionally, the felt-only floor mat is recommended if you have furniture that will help anchor your rug in place.

The rubber and felt floor mat is slightly firmer and is recommended if you have a rug in a high traffic area of the home. You will want the rubber and felt to grip the rug and keep it in place.

4. iCustomRug Grizzly Grip Eco-Friendly Rug Pad

This rug pad is ¼-inch thick and is double-sided with both rubber and recycled fibers. The bottom side is rubber to give the rug pad grip to stick to the hardwood flooring surface, and the top side is made of recycled fibers to stick to the rug that is covering the mat.

There are 75 total custom sizes to choose from. If you need a rug pad measuring anywhere from 2’ x 8’ to 3’ x 4’ all the way up to 12’ x 20’, then iCustomRug has a Grizzly Grip Eco-Friendly Rug Pad for you!

Additional Soundproofing for Floors

Once you add your soundproof floor mats and top it with your rug or covering, you can also place a large piece of furniture on the rug to help absorb the sounds that may come from the floor. This additional touch adds another layer of soundproofing to your newly soundproofed floors.

Things to Remember

When looking for soundproof floor mats, you will want to check the material and thickness that the floor mat is made out of.

The thicker the floor mat, the more sound absorption the mat will have. The most effective mat will have a rubber bottom and a felt or fabric top. The rubber bottom will grip the hardwood floor, and the felt or fabric top will grip the rug and keep it in place.

You will want to soundproof your floors if you have frequent creaking, squeaking, and popping coming from the floor joists in your home. While these noises won’t be eradicated by using soundproof floor mats, they will be less noticeable by using soundproof floor mats.

In addition to soundproof floor mats, you can also rearrange the furniture in the room in a method that will help absorb the sound that comes from the flooring of your home.

By adding soundproof floor mats and rearranging the furniture in your home, you will be able to notice a substantial difference in the reduction of sound coming from your previous loud floors. (Just don’t tell your kids you’re doing this so that you can stay one step ahead of them!)

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  1. Question: Will a soundproof floor mat absorb the sounds from a person playing a djembe in an apartment with hardwood floors? Or will the person below me still hear the sounds?

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