7 Best Soundproof Door Kits (Easy To Install & Efficient)

7 Best Soundproof Door Kits

Soundproofing your room is a great idea, but you won’t get the highest level you need unless you soundproof the door, as well. Rolling up the towel might help a bit, but not enough.

There are excellent soundproof door kits available, all easy to install yourself or with the aid of a friend. Soundproofing the door will make an enormous difference and may make or break the work you need to finish.

Audimute Soundproofing Acoustic Door Seal Kit

This kit includes all you need to soundproof your door. It comes with the door seal and the door sweep, which is the piece that goes across the bottom of the door. It is the final touch to a soundproof room or just what you need if your door is lightweight.

It’s ideal for your recording studio, your apartment to block out the neighbors, the hallway noise, or if you live next door to the elevator. This kit is very easy to install and includes enough material to soundproof three doors. You can do your bedroom and the kid’s room, too.

Soundproof Door Pad

These soundproofing pads can be easily installed around all the spaces and gaps of the door. These are not permanent, so very easy to remove when you are finished working or sleeping. These are great if you have a solid door, but the noise and air come through the spaces between the floor and the frame and the door.

These work well with any other type of soundproofing already in place for the door and may be able to hold the foam or drapings in place. It’s great for blocking out noise from your neighbors but also any noise you make be making, like a crying baby or your drum kit.

Self-Adhesive EPDM Foam Seal Strip Soundproofing Rubber Weatherstrip

Self-Adhesive EPDM Foam Seal Strip

This product is excellent, not only for soundproofing, but it is weatherproofing as well. Easy to use and apply, simply peel the backing and place on the gaps of your door or windows. Strong adhesive and very flexible, this strip will help keep noise levels down.

Ideal for outside doors or inside. Use on the main door to your home or apartment or the door to your home office or studio.

Great for the bedroom for sealing doors and windows for those who need to sleep during the day, for baby’s room, or the teenager who had just discovered heavy metal. Low cost and very versatile. Include it with your door soundproofing kits to enhance the soundproofing or keep everything in place.

Soundproof Weather Stripping Door Kit

Similar to the soundproof door kit mentioned above, this one includes strips for the bottom of the door as well as the gaps. The thinner of the strips will adhere to the spaces around the door, and the wider one will attach to the bottom of the door, as a sweep.

It’s perfect for soundproofing but also for keeping the area dry or cleaner, which may be important for a recording studio. Dust and bug-free will help you work longer and better with no distractions. Keeps the sound from escaping and keeps outside noise from getting inside.

Sure-Max Moving and Packing Blanket

These are ideal for covering doors while you are working, recording, or trying to sleep. While these are sold as moving and packing materials, they are absolutely perfect for covering up walls, doors, and windows. They soundproof the room, block out any excess light and nosy neighbors.

Add to your weatherstripping to make up the perfect soundproof door kit. The strips can stay in place, and when you need to work, just hang the blankets upon the door. It can be used anywhere and put up and taken down with the greatest of ease. These are reasonably priced, and they are available in varying thicknesses.

Acoustic Foam Panels

These are great for walls, but they are also great for doors. Include them with your soundproof door kit to cover up a door letting in too much sound. It can be used with foam spray, the weather stripping, with or instead of the blankets, and it’s ideal for a door that is too thin or doesn’t close completely.

The foam is perfect for all doors as you can cut them to fit and leave spaces for peepholes, doorknobs, and keyholes. There are many different kinds of panels available and are one of the best ways to soundproof the door.

Loctite TITEFOAM Insulating Foam Sealant

These spray foams are not ideal for a door you need to use, but if you have a back door or a door that isn’t being used, you can easily spray the cracks with sealant foam. It’s a one time use as once you open the door you will need to break the seal, but they do work well with filling in the cracks and keeping out sound, air, cold, heat, and bugs.

It can be used with other soundproofing items to be included in your soundproofing door kit. Put down with the weather stripping, before you hang up a heavy drape or packing blanket or foam panels. This product may be more useful if your office or studio is outside, a garage, or a smaller outback shed type of building made of tin, metal, or concrete.

Soundproof Door Kits at Home

Using a spare blanket or a few spare curtains that you may have will help block the sound leaking in or out. If the door is of poor quality, you can also consider just replacing it for something more substantial. If you are looking for the perfect soundproof door kit, you may well already have the items at home or at your local hardware. Check online for better deals and quick delivery, but in a pinch, use some household items. The combination of weather sealant and a sweeper are the first steps in getting your door soundproof. Adding something over the door is also recommended, to soften any of the echoes and noises from outside.

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