How To Silence A Light Bar (Wind And Whistling Noises)

soundproof light bar
  • Light bar silencers include inserts that stop you fins from vibrating and making noise or
  • Get a full shield, transparent light bar noise suppressor that can cover the whole bar. It does not affect light produced by the LED lights
  • You can get a rubber isolator to prevent vibrating cooling fins or
  • Get a fabric cover for when not in use; it will silence the whistle noise

When you travel off-road, you need a more extensive range of lighting and light bars are especially important for your safety.

Having enough brightness on your trail on forest roads or country roads helps you travel safely since the factory vehicle headlights aren’t enough to light the side views.

While driving, you can be affected by the weather such as rain, dust or dense fog and having proper lighting will help you avoid accidents. 

However, the downside is, the light bar can sometimes make unwanted noises such as a high-pitched sound and create whistling noises. It can be pretty annoying and disturbing when you want a peaceful ride off-road or are heading out hunting.

It is no fun when you are going for a ride at the beach or on the highway and notice sharp sounds emitted by the light bar. For many people, the sounds can get very frustrating, or it can become an annoyance when driving at night and longer journeys.

It depends on what type of light bars you use, but some sound can get really loud when speeding on the highway.  Sometimes it’s like being followed by a freight train!

Transparent Led light bar silencers

A light bar cover like AeroLidz Covers (see it on Amazon) offers a convenient and easy setup instantly.

These aerodynamic light bar covers are designed to protect and eliminate the noise produced by the cooling fin. They come in a universal size which can fit all types of light bars.

If you wish to keep your light bar in full display – both on the front or the back fins, choosing the transparent covers will be a better choice for you. These covers are made of polycarbonate, and it offers durable yet crystal clear transparency.

It lets your bright lights project without any obstructions. 

The aerodynamic light bar shape is sleek and barely detectable.  

Not only does the cover suppress all the noises produced from the light bar, but the cover also serves as the protection against wind, rain, mud or UV rays.

You can add extra colors in the polycarbonate light bar cover and won a stylish light bar cover that all your friends will envy. THIS is the option I would choose if I started over again because of all the protection it provides for the light bar on top of killing the noise.

How to install  (so easy)

Installing the light bar silencer can’t get any simpler. Measure the length of the LED light bar of your vehicle, unbox the polycarbonate cover and cut it if necessary.

Since some of the covers can exceed the length of your light bar; you can cut it and install it right away. Pull open the back of the cover and slide it into the bar. 


Silencers to suppress the annoying noise

Light bar silencers are specially made to reduce or suppress the noises made by a light bar.

The noises you hear are caused when the wind passes through the cooling fins on the light bar.

These silencers can be used to fit in between the cooling fins and prevent noises and vibrations made by the cooling fins. It is almost impossible to get light bars that are silent in most cases, and these silencers work great in reducing noises.

Using one of these light bar silencers is completely safe because it will not stop any functions of the light bar such as heat sinking the fins or the lighting. You can use the silencers without worrying about heating issues or obstructions. These products are easily available in online stores and you’ll find lots of options to fit your style. I will link to my favorites in just a bit. 

If you wish to keep your light bar on display and suppressing the noise at the same time, light bar silencers make the best choice. The pieces can easily fit in between the spaces of the cooling fins. 

Usually, most light bars have different variants such as wideness, thickness or spaces between the cooling fins. The space between the roof and the bar can also differ.

You can get different types of silencers to fit your particular needs. Light bar silencers are also easy to install. Some silencers use clip-style while some products use screws that are used to attach to the light bar. Silencers consume only a little amount of space and retain the original look of the light bar on the front. 

My favorite clip-type is made by Rigid. You can check them out on Amazon here. They are super easy to install and go to work immediately. I installed a Rigid Industries 50″ Radiance light bar on my jeep jk, windshield mounted.

It sounded like I was trying to communicate with aliens when I drove down the road, between the wind noise and whistling.

I purchased and installed this product and both the wind noise and whistling stopped. It made such an improvement, that I forgot the light bar was there. One of the single best purchases I’ve made.

This one, sold by ZRoads, is an example of the type that has to be screwed in. I don’t recommend this one but wanted to give you some options. It drills into the fins of your light bar then rivets on for security.

I hear from friends it gets the job done but it costs way more than the previous one I mentioned AND you have to screw and rivet the thing on. Why go through all that hassle?

Rubber light bar silencers: 

Rubber wind noise suppressors (like this pair on Amazon) come at low and affordable prices.

These rubber isolators are especially useful when your light bar cooling fins are making whistling noises or making sharp sounds. These rubbers gizmos are inserted in between the fins to reduce vibrations. It eliminates noises that are produced when the wind passes through the cooling fin. 

Rubber isolators are cheap, and it does not affect the cooling. It is very small and can be barely noticeable if not watched closely. 

How to install 

You can just insert the rubber into the cooling fins on the sides. Inserting both on the middle and sides may produce the best results.

However, if you are concerned about the looks of your vehicle light bar, put the rubber on each side.

Leaving the middle part of the bar is quite fine, although long solid light bars may need additional rubber isolators in the middle. Usually, a pair of rubber isolators does the job pretty well. 

Fabric light bar covers

light bar covered with a fabric

In some states if you drive with the light bar exposed, you may get pulled over, and also the law may require you to pay fines.

Polyester covers make a great light bar cover when you’re not using the lights.

It can effectively protect the light bar from UV, and it can last for a few years without fading.

If you’re driving in restricted states where they prohibit the use of beam or bright lights, choosing fabric covers is the best thing you can do.

They are durable and help eliminate the whistling noises, it is also waterproof, and it can retain its original color for years. 

The most popular by far is sold by MICtuning and is the favorite on Amazon (see it here).

It is designed with a bit of elasticity on both ends, precise cut-outs and openings, universal for both 50-inch / 52-inch straight and curved led light bars.

How to install 

Since they come in a universal size, you can put them on any type of light bar model.  It is made of top materials with a soft inner lining so it won’t rub the equipment. The velcro is stitched nicely and goes from one end to the other. Just slide it on and ride!


It is important to have light bars installed on vehicles for people who drive more frequently in remote areas.

You get wider sight of your trail wherever you go and ensure better safety. However, light bar noises can get annoying when you are driving on the highway or secluded forest roads.

You may not notice much in heavy traffic; but if you are the only one on the road, the sharp noise could become unbearable. 

Don’t forget that in some states it is illegal to leave your light bar on full display when not in use.  So if you live in one of those states or find the noises distracting or disturbing, get the most suitable product that fits your needs.

It is very affordable and can be simply installed within minutes. 

If you are looking for the best fixes about the issues, make sure to consider the recommendations in this article.

We’ve chosen the best ways to suppress the noises effectively, and also with the most reasonable products available on the market to solve your problems. 

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